62, White Female
For several weeks I have wanted to write and share the good news of my renewed energy. I am convinced it is related to the careful removal of mercury from thirteen teeth you and your staff accomplished. Let me share some of the differences I’m experiencing. Three years ago I met an alternative doctor who recommended I see Dr. Rehme for an evaluation. At that time my mercury count was 230. I was unfocused, lacked energy, experienced many sinus infections each season, sore throats were common, upper back pain and pounding headaches added to my discomfort. I felt I was losing my mind and often lost my balance, walking in odd ways, almost feeling a “disconnect” between my legs and the rest of my body. I was dropping things, forever forgetting where I put things, etc. The simplest tasks seemed impossible. When I had mentioned to my former dentist that I was concerned about the mercury he trivialized my fears and assured me there was nothing harmful in mercury fillings. I wondered where I’d be today if I had listened to him. After your evaluation and subsequent replacement of all thirteen fillings, I have noticed a remarkable change in myself. Recently I have given presentations to group (50-60 people) with a minimum of anxiety, being able to focus and sustain thought patterns in questions from participants. I could not do this three years ago when I first began this process. I also feel positive energy rising within me, something that had been so depleted by effects of the mercury poisoning. My attempts to compensate for the inability to focus led to extreme exhaustion. Now I find energy increasing as I research a topic, follow through in creating novel ways to present an idea, and do the entire administrative task needed. An example of this new energy took place this past Saturday, when I met with 60 School Sisters of Notre Dame to discuss the topic:”The Lewis and Clark Expedition as a Metaphor of the Motherhouse Renovation.” It was fun, energizing for the sisters, and gave them much food for thought. As the end of the presentation I felt their positive energy and have been invited to return and explore the topic further. My primary ministry is that of Spiritual Direction and my office is a Maria Center, St. Louis. Before my treatment for mercury poisoning, I was beginning to feel unable to continue this ministry. It demands careful attention to the feelings under the statements an individual might make and the ability to reflect back what the person has said and where the Spirit might be leading. Due to the exhaustion and pan I previously felt, it was a constant battle to stay present to the individual. In a previous instance of consulting a medical doctor, I had been told I would probably be on tranquilizers for the rest of my life. Thank God I sought another opinion. I realize that my recovery has also included a change in diet and nutrition, greater fidelity to exercise, (walking and yoga), more rest, focusing less on a filled calendar than times for Shabbat rest, and a steady diet of good reading, good music, and good friends. I am no longer trying to handle difficulties alone, toughing it out as I had done before, but being a vital part of my parish community, my religious community, and my broader Franklin County community. Quality time for prayer and solitude are a “must” for the kind of ministry I offer and I honor that reality more than ever before. I continue to see a chiropractor whose philosophy supports my own. As I consider how I’ve changed over the part three years I must admit it was a difficult road at times. I would receive chelation from my alternative physician; feeling depleted of any energy at all and then often come to your office for dental work. Sometimes I would drive home wondering if I could do it. But both your staff and the physician’s were so supportive and affirming. I remember how Melissa gave me pointers, and your willingness to listen to my fears and anxiety without judgment. That kindness kept me coming back and seeing the process through the end. Finally, this whole process has taught me how threatening your approach must be to the ADA. Only once did I receive a prescription for a drug. Tylenol with codeine, after an especially difficult removal process. Yes, the initial cost was expensive and I wondered if my community could afford it. However, when I look at the benefits I see the whole process as an investment in better health in the future. I wonder what disease might have developed in me due to the mercury poisoning. MS, cancer, etc? The whole experience has made me even more a believer in alternative medicine. To say I am grateful is an understatement. You have given me my life back and I will never forget your professional expertise and your personal kindness. The “Lazarus” in me says THANK YOU.
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