51, White Female
For 10 years I have struggled with a variety of symptoms that would fit into a seemingly endless list of causes. Among these that most affected my quality of living were: blood pressure enough to cause headaches, nausea and a kind of s stupor, weak and aching muscles, any kind of exertion would result in generalized weakness and increase the force of my heart contractions to an uncomfortable level, GI disturbances (gas, blotting, constipation), sugar craving, rashes on my chest and legs, edema that would change my belt size 2 notches overnight, metallic taste, 2 abscessed teeth, food allergies, swollen eyelids upon waking, a constant “sleepy” feeling and a general depressed, bitter attitude. Allopathic medicine has its place but offered me little more than the knowledge that all my blood work is “fine” and a wide assortment of antidepressants. The proverbial door slammed shut, but that allowed the door to natural healing to open. With help from more directions than I can count, over the next 9 years I addressed my liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, parasites, yeast, intestinal tract, diet and emotional and spiritual issues (the e & s issues actually had a 9 year start). My regime was not perfect but in my opinion, I was doing enough stuff “right” with life style changes, supplements, unloading emotional baggage and increased spiritual awareness that I shouldn’t still be feeling so marginal and sometimes down right nasty. Then, the door to therapeutic essential oils opened, followed by the urgency to remove the metal from my teeth (which, up until now I had ignored, sad to say, due to expense). This was the clincher! For the last 6 months I have been on a radical cleansing program (physically and emotionally), the last 12 months on which have included the dental work. i.e. –for me the key to health, I have finally discovered to detox, detox, detox - - all aspects of my being. I suppose I’ll be cleansing until the cow’s come home, but IT’S WORKING! It’s nice to awaken in the morning free of a headache and be thinking “It’s going to be a beautiful day!”
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