51, White Male
I am a 51 year old male from Indianapolis who had had occasional symptoms for many years which have become more frequent and difficult to survive with. They included fatigue or extreme fatigue after eating, morning headaches, flu like feeling in neck and shoulders, also a lack of ability to think clearly or retain and use ideas I had just thought for expression. This was very noticeable at work where it became an enormous source of grief. I noticed vegetables made me feel better and carbohydrates made me feel worse in general. I thought maybe I was getting diabetes, or and allergy or some disease. My attempts to communicate to my doctor didn’t result in any help. In my mouth were numerous fillings and several root canals. After my fist visit all symptoms improved or went away. After three visits my symptoms have improved so much. Mercury fillings turn out to have made me sick despite reassurance by a previous dentist. After my first root canal tooth came out, it turned out to have a pocket of infection on the root. Thank God I finally found what was making me sick.
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