50, White Female
I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me with my dental problems. After repeated attempts with other dentists to get someone to pull out my teeth that had been treated with root canals, I found you. After meeting you and talking during our consultation (which I was not rushed through) you agreed I had some valid concerns. I appreciate this validation especially now in light of the results I have experienced after the removal of the root canals. My initial reason for visiting was to have root canals removed because of my personal risk of heart disease. My family all seem to die from heart disease in one form or another. I would like to do as much for prevention as I can and believe my dental health puts me at risk. Turns out there had been more than one type of benefit for me other than my heart health. One thing that happened was very surprising. I have been a massage therapist since 1989 and since 2003 have had to curtail my practice down to nothing, due to my decreasing range of motion in my right shoulder. No one seemed to help, not event the massages that I have so diligently practiced and taught to others. People cared, but nothing seemed to help. Within one day after the root canal removal and a few chiropractic adjustments, wa-la, I can actually move my shoulder. I have, since the procedure, been able to do several massages with no repercussions. This is important to me especially in light of 3 months ago I could not have done one massage. There is another thing that is important to me that I want to comment on that you may not recognize personal history included experiencing childhood sexual abuse in the form of oral trauma. Whenever I go to a dentist to get any kind of care, invariably memories are stimulated again from these dentist visits and I am thrown a few steps back in my own hard won healing. You are great in your approach to me and I can see that I have benefited fro your working as a kind and thoughtful person. Your gentleness is evident to me even while removing my teeth. Remarkable. I appreciate your whole manner of working with me. Not everyone is willing to reveal their experiences with abuse, but it’s important for us all to have physically healthy care and also, emotionally safe placed to be cared for. Boundary issues are difficult for most people in the ordinary world, and are especially relevant for a survivor to be able to trust those who we are depending on for our care and require physical contact to complete. My gratitude is deep for you and your office staff that has been instrumental in my dental care.
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