45, White Female
On March 6, 2007, I had my first appointment with Dr. Rehme. On Friday, March 9, he took out the amalgam fillings on my right side and put in temporary caps on two of my teeth-the amalgam fillings had caused my teeth to crack and one to break off exposing that much more amalgam filling (more mercury). The following Thursday, just six days after removing the amalgams on my right side only, my boss told me she could tell I was thinking better-after just six days and with the amalgams still on the left side of my mouth!! Before this, when my thoughts were interrupted and I would try to go back to my task, I would just sit there for a minute or two (maybe longer) and couldn’t even start a thought that would remind me what I was doing before the interruption. I thought I had early signs of Alzheimer’s at the young age of 44. But not I can get my mind back on task, even multi-task, usually within seconds. I had the remaining amalgams removed shortly after, and am feeling much better about my mental abilities.
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