73, White Male
About two years ago, I was tested for sleep apnea and a CPAP machine was recommended for better sleep. My next concern was a bad shortness of breath and the fact that I had never been checked for possible lung problems. I was found to have emphysema and I tested a 48. Three months later I tested a 25 and then later a 20 – Breathing had not improved. I told my dentist of my concerns and he found tooth #32 with a root canal that had been done some years before. The tooth has been pulled about a year ago and my last visit to my lung doctor showed a 52. My breathing continues to improve, I feel better each day since #32 and the root canal was removed. Needless to say I remain excited with my lung improvement and look forward to my next test scheduled for three months from now. Maybe I’ll never get back to an 80, but I am thankful to my dentist for his help and concern.
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