32, White Male
First removal: Within 24 hours I felt I could breathe easier in terns of “getting more air” per breathe. Overall energy increased, sleep disorder cleared up, 24 hour cycle started to get back to normal and it remained so. Metallic and warm solution taste disappeared. Breath small became better, plaque build up is reduced by about half, and better sensation and taste in mouth, more clear-headed. About 24 hours later, brain recalibrated – a loud radio/TV sound (very distinct) occurred and lasted for about 10 seconds. I knew it was readjusting as it happened. All of these positives have been maintained. I cannot think of any negatives. Second removal: Like the first removal, but not as profound. I’m very pleased with my results. Definitely recommended. Yes, in a heartbeat, I would have these (5) 12-15 year old silver/mercury fillings removed again. Even though, I was certain beforehand that most of the mercury had leaked and I had already endured 90 % of the potentially damaging effects from them.
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