66, White Female
I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in June 2002. Since I have always done healthy things I was shocked. So I proceeded to do research and read everything I could get my hands on regarding my path to healing. One book I read that clicked and made so much sense to me was “A Cure for all Cancer” by Hulda Clark in which she said we could cure lots of cancer if we remove all metals and root canals from our mouth. So I immediately starting doing that in the fall of 2002. Every time a root canal tooth was removed I felt a surge of energy and was wondering if that could really be possible. So I became very alert to how I felt with each removal. It was so with each of the four teeth extracted. Anyway, now I am finished and my immune system is recovering and I am again able to job on my trampoline 30 minutes and back to walking. My recovery time from minor colds symptoms are gone. Before the teeth and mouth problem it was taking me a month or two to get better. Dr.Rehme, my new teeth feel great and if you have to have partials, these are the best.
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