45, White Female
I had been hearing and reading about mercury toxicity as a result of dental amalgams. Since I had quite a few dental amalgams, I chose to have them removed and replaced with something more “body-friendly.” Less than a year after having all of my amalgams replaced, I became a patient of an alternative physician and received a DMPS IV treatment. Pre and post urine collections yielded the following results: Pre-DMPS urine sample 0.6 with reference range (Reference range<3) Post DMPS urine sample 24.0 exceeds twice the maximum expected level As a result, I will undergo at least 4 more DMPS IV treatments to attempt to rid my body of mercury. In addition to mercury, prior to removing and replacing all of my dental amalgams, I had a consistently “stuffy” left sinus. I now breathe freely through both sinuses.
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