Mari Louise
54, White Female
I began researching holistic and biological dental care about 5 years ago and was amazed and appalled at what I discovered. I knew I wanted to have my 14 amalgam fillings removed, but by whom? I interviewed and visited 4 dentists who claimed to know about metal toxicity and proper removal but didn’t practice what I had been reading about. Then I found your web site on holistic dentistry. What a discovery. Every criteria of what I’d read, he practiced and then some. I had all my mercury removed (a long process) in the safest, least traumatic way. Though my health was good before, I feel it had improved with increased energy, better mental clarity, and most importantly, the knowledge that I have improved my over-all health for the rest of my life because I have removed the toxic metals from my mouth and system. I have encouraged my family to do the same – hopefully they’ll be as convinced as I about the dangers of what we use in our dental care.
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