51, White Female
As Christmas 2002 approached I had been ill for months but I was feeling even worse. I thought it was due to the holidays but, after the first of the year, when I expected to “get over” all the extra busy-ness, I continued to feel sicker and more exhausted. In February an acquaintance told me of a doctor she thought might be able to help me. I called the doctor and as I began listing the symptoms I was experiencing she interrupted me and said that she thought I had heavy metal poisoning. She ordered a test which showed toxic levels of mercury. She said the most likely source of the mercury was the “silver” fillings in my teeth. The pieces were beginning to fall into place. I had had an amalgam filling replaced in early December, just before my health problems became worse. After complete removal of my mercury fillings in August 2003, I was feeling better than I had in over a year. As each quadrant was completed I felt a little better. Some of the improvement may be due of treatment of some other medical problems but I do know that when the last mercury was removed from my mouth I was able to do things I couldn’t have done several months earlier. Family and friends all noticed the dramatic change. By the end of August I had improved from not being able to take care of myself to being able to take care of my daughter and her family when she experienced some health problems.
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