58, White Male
For over fifteen years I have been battling lower back problems that range from general stiffness to spasms accompanied by extreme pain. On an average of once a year, this problem becomes severe enough to put me in bed for a week or better. Over the years I have been to a physical therapist, chiropractors and doctors to combat my condition. All have been able to provide temporary relief, but my back condition persisted. Since I have had a tooth extracted, one that previously had a root canal, my back problems have lessened considerably. We just drove 3,400 miles in one week and I did not experience any soreness or stiffness. Previously, I would have been acutely aware of my sore back for days after driving that far. I did have some discomfort recently after some strenuous work, but it was extremely brief (less than one day). Previously, after work like I had done, I would have been more uncomfortable than I was, and it would have bothered me for days. I could not believe how quickly I bounced back. I am getting more and more optimistic about the improvement of my back condition. For the first time in a long time, I feel like this might be the solution I have been looking for. I will keep you posted.
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