50, White Female
I want to thank all of you for the wonderful treatment I have been given over these past two months while having the mercury fillings removed from my mouth and having them replaced with non-toxic crowns. I was first impressed with the explanations and educations that preceded the dental work. You took the time to truly educate me about the reasons why this procedure would improve my health. Secondly, the procedure was not nearly as taxing as I had expected. All of you worked slowly and carefully, frequently stopping to see if I needed a break or if you could do something to make me more comfortable. You couldn’t have been more thoughtful and caring. Finally, the results of the procedure are amazing. Prior to the procedure, I had been experiencing a great deal of back pain and I had seemed to reach a plateau in the treatment of the problem. Almost as soon as the mercury was out of my mouth, my back problems were resolved. It is still hard for me to believe how much better I feel! I now sleep better and have more energy because of not having to cope with chronic pain. And it just feels good to know that my mouth (and therefore my whole body) is healthier. Thanks to all of you for your commitment to the health of your patients and for the friendly and caring was in which you offer service. I’m glad I was referred to you and I will recommend you to others. P.S. Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to encourage others who might be considering having this procedure done.
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