65, White Female
I came in contact with your office and staff when we were seeking a dentist to remove the amalgam fillings from my husband’s teeth. He had experienced failing health for about 2 years, which several doctors could not explain. When friends suggested this might help we were eager to give it a try. I was so pleased with his recovery that I elected to have my teeth examined. They discovered I had one tooth that was traumatized, probably due to an auto accident in 1988. I had some back pain once in a while before the accident, but never to the degree of pain after the accident. I had sought medical help to no avail. I have received chiropractic adjustments, on the average of once a month, over the past few years. When I came to the dental office with my husband I read a chart pinpointing which tooth affected certain parts of the body. I realized if the injured tooth were extracted, there would be a possibility that my back would improve. On the day I had the appointment to extract the tooth in question; I was having severe back pain. To my surprise, the pain was relieved as soon as the tooth was extracted. That was October 8 and the pain has not returned. In Psalms, the Bible states, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made,” I believe this verifies that scripture. Thank you for all your help and support!
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