52, White Female
I am 52 years old. Before I had all the amalgam fillings removed from my teeth there were days that I would have welcomed death. I know that sounds like a strong statement, but, everyday I had a headache of some magnitude. They weren’t normal. They felt like my brain was on fire. The headaches were a burning, stinging, throbbing, and the pain felt like it was shooting out of my ears with every heartbeat. I lived on decongestant and pain pills everyday. It appears that my sinuses were inflamed as well, because, may face also hurt. It was difficult for me to go to work and try to think. There were times I had to go home because of the pain. Sometimes it was so bad I had to have someone else drive me home. Over time I became depressed, irritable. My co-workers and family gave me a wide berth so to speak. I also began having other physical problems. As I would flex my right foot upwards I got a pricking pain and I thought, “oh no, a heel spur.” On December 9, 2002 we took the mercury out of five teeth on my upper right side. Interestingly, when he had finished the last one that day, my right nostril started pouring out watery mucous and kept doing that for the next several days. To my pleasant surprise I did not have a headache all the following week. The heel spur sensation was 95% gone in a week and a half. I was still getting headaches, but they only occurred about every 7-10 days and they were not as painful as the burning, stinging, throbbing, feeling like my brain was on fire headaches. At my second appointment I had the amalgam fillings removed from teeth on my upper left side. I didn’t notice anything physically different, but, my daughter called me that evening and remarked how good I sounded. She said, “Mom, are you sure you went to the dentist, you sound great!” I could only conclude that I must have had a real bear-like personality before. As the mercury was removed from my teeth I kept feeling better not only physically, but, I noticed even my mental and emotions were better. I didn’t realize how awful I had become. Everyday I wake up I find it remarkable that I don’t have a headache. It’s so nice not having my eyes, cheeks, teeth, and jaw bones hurting along with those awful headaches. My heel pain gone completely. To add to that I feel so much better mentally. I can actually go to work and think straight. Plus I feel better emotionally. I find it interesting how much calmer I feel. I’m mot getting upset at every little thing that happens. Before I had any of the mercury removed I was so distraught that I just couldn’t take life anymore. I wanted to quit my job. I didn’t want to go anywhere, see anyone. I hurt so much that I couldn’t and didn’t want to cook or clean my house. In fact, I didn’t care if I even got dressed. I am so happy to report that now life is good! I firmly believe that the improvements in my health are due to the removal of the mercury fillings because it is the only thing that has been done different in my health care.
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