53, White Female

I came to Dr. Rehme’s office with multiple symptoms. The symptoms included tingling, aching, ears ringing, sinus congestion, a feeling of heaviness and an inability to exercise without extreme fatigue. Ironically, at time I would be very restless with a great deal of anxiety. I also had restless legs and frequent insomnia.

For several years I consulted several doctors. All tests cam back negative with symptoms attributed to strep and fatigue. I changed my diet during this time and eliminated sugar, caffeine, and processed food. The symptoms only diminished a small amount.

After an exhaustive search for answers, I finally consulted Dr. Rehme and decided to have all of the mercury removed as well as 2 teeth with root canals. At first I was reluctant to have the teeth removed but I am thankful to this day I followed through with this plan. Within several days of having the teeth with the root canals removed the aching and fatigue began to lift.

It has been almost a year since I began the dental revision. At first the recovery was sporadic but the symptoms have now consistently decreased. I sleep through the night. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. All symptoms have either disappeared or greatly subsided. I am actually more stressed in the last few months but find that I am able to handle it with greater ease.

Dr. Rehme and his staff were very supportive through this process and I thank them all for all of their help.

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