53, White Female
Last year, I was only able to “crawl” home from my nine hour a day job as a middle school teacher and collapse into a chair. Even a short period of rest before my evening activities cold not improve my energy level or general health condition. During the last week of school, I accidentally popped off a crown biting into a piece of caramel. Within two hours, my sinuses filled, my throat became extremely sore, and I spent the next two days in bed with “flu-like” symptoms. I had my mercury fillings removed and one very decayed tooth extracted. Over the course of the summer, my energy level improved dramatically! I spent the summer traveling across the United States, visiting friends and family, and looking forward to the next school year. When I was home, I was even able to help our middle son rehab a fifty year old home. In addition to a twenty pound weight loss, I am now able to hike four miles at Queeny Park every day after school. I have been sinus-infection free for six months and am seeing changes in my sleep needs. My colleagues and husband are amazed at the energy level I maintain, and at how much I can accomplish each day.
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