31, White Female
I came to Dr. Rehme to get my old (metal) fillings out because I was very sick and I hoped this would help me get better. I was losing weight very quickly, my muscle had wasted away, and I could hardly stand up. My whole body hurt and I had a very difficult time breathing. After having the fillings removed I slowly began to get better. I started seeing a doctor who found that the fillings had caused my liver to stop functioning properly. I was in very bad health. Since having the fillings removed and getting nature treatments from my doctor and a whole lot of prayer, I am doing so much better. I am gaining the much needed weight, I feel better, think better, and look better! I know having Dr. Rehme remove the fillings was the right move. If I had not had it done I am not sure I would still be alive to raise my four wonderful children. Now my body can continue to heal without any poison in my mouth. Thank God! Thank you Dr. Rehme and his wonderful staff.
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