47, White Male
Since the completion of removal of nine amalgam fillings and replacement of them with eight porcelain onlays and one composite filling. I have noted a distinct increase in energy. This has been through being able to work longer during the day, but also in having more energy during the day. I also seem to be able to recover more quickly from days of higher than normal physical stress. The only significant difference in my general lifestyle during this time period was the replacement of my amalgam fillings, which leads me to believe that this event was most probably responsible for my health improvement. I would note that physicians whom I see, my general practitioner and my allergist had strongly recommended that for several years that I take this action. Testing prior to the procedure confirmed that I had a much higher than safe mercury level in my body. I am undergoing intravenous DMPS therapy to correct this. Overall, I would recommend that all individuals consider removal of their amalgam fillings. The thought to consider is that there is definitely a potential for gaining enhanced health and nothing to lose.
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