58, White Male
Three years ago I had all mercury amalgams removed and replaced by composite overlays. The amount of mercury in my system did not decrease (actually increased – tested by my regular physician in 2002). However, I definitely feel much better since the amalgams where removed. I use to have constant generalized pains in my jaw, teeth and gums, with blackish grayish color to my gums. All pains have gone and I feel healthier since the amalgams where removed. I was originally skeptical about the removal. My primary care physician was treating me with thyroid medicine for manic depression and referred me to your office. Removal of mercury seems to lessen my manic peaks by lowering “barometric pressure” effect to the mercury. I am currently taking DMSA (post three months) to eliminate accumulated mercury in my body. It definitely seems to be helping. I will be retested for mercury toxicity after four more months of DMSA. In conclusion, I am quit happy with the removal of all my mercury fillings.
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