72, White Female

I am a 72 year old female who was referred to this office by a preventive medicine doctor. I had a severe medical problem, Candida, and had trouble getting a permanent cure. I did my home work and found that my mercury fillings were keeping my immune system working full time to rid my body of those poisons and there was little or nothing left for the removal of the Candida or any other medical problems.

In early 2003 I made an appointment with your office and was tested and found I was in fact leaking out much mercury with each and every bite I took.

During the removal of these toxins I made a casual comment that I had lost the use of my left arm to a great extent and woke up every time I turned on my left shoulder because of the pain. The doctor asked if I had injured my arm in any way. When I said “NO” he and his assistant both turned and looked at the tooth-organ chart. One of my root canals was in the very tooth and chart showed governed my left shoulder.

The work on my mouth has been completed. I had all of the metal in my mouth removed as well as the two root canals I had. The end result was my Candida is 99% cured and I have a left arm that is totally useful and not longer pains me. (I never dreamed that would happen). I also have a beautiful “perfect” set of teeth. I now look forward to many more healthy years. I would do it again in a minute.

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