64, White Female

I was referred to Dr. Rehme by Dr. Simon Yu because there was evidence of mercury toxicity in my system, plus I had suffered from TMJ for several years after repeated root canals. After a very thorough exam and subsequent discussion, we agreed the best step was to have Dr. Rehme remove all the metal fillings in my mouth. Although the task was daunting, Dr. Rehme and his staff made the arduous hours virtually painless.

It has been a year since the work was completed. My energy level has greatly increased, as Dr. Yu surmised it would. My TMJ, while not 100% eliminated, has been diminished so greatly that it flares up only occasionally.
I have referred a number of friends and professional associates to Dr. Rehme, particularly because he believes in “whole body health” and the relationship between dental health and total physical well being. We’ve known for years about the interplay of body functions (and parts!) but very few medical professionals have the courage and dedication to put this knowledge into practice everyday. Dr. Rehme does and I am grateful to have found him.

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