49, White Female
In 1993 I had mercury amalgams removed from 10 teeth without the benefit of a rubber dam, oxygen, or proper suction. I became violently ill during the procedure. Various medical problems surfaced. All newly drilled teeth became inflamed and infected and one erupted. Inlay was placed in the infected teeth. Each tooth worked on had emergency root canals. In 1994-95 my health progressively declined. High white cell count, extreme pain all over my head. Fevers, chronic fatigue, headaches, memory lapses, trouble concentrating, joint pain, jaw pain, TMJ, extreme low liver function, low thyroid, hypoglycemia, mood swings, occasional depression, improper digestion, bad breath, metallic taste, body odor, bowel function extremes, extreme food allergies and intolerances, frequent dizzy spells and overall, feeling miserable became my daily life for approximately 8 years. Various dentists and specialist were consulted. I followed recommendations for various treatments, crowns placed to rebuild bite, retainers, and even braces were applied trying to ease the jaw pain. None worked permanently. Dr. Yu, diagnosed my medical problems from root canals, mishandled mercury removed and exposure to mercury fumes. Dr. Yu recommended to have all root canal teeth removed, which was ignored by several dentists consulted. All x-rays had shown no problem. In 2002, Dr. Yu referred me to Dr. Rehme. One tooth showed an abscess; also computer testing showed massive infection. Dr. Rehme recommended removal of all root canal treated teeth. I was referred to Dr. Keller for a bone scan that showed massive inflammation around the jaw and ethmoid. An apicoectomy on 5 teeth was performed in order to try to save the teeth. My health improved for about 3 weeks then fast declined. As each tooth was extracted and cavitation performed (per Dr. Moreland, oral surgeon), my health began improving immediately. Now, ending with 10 teeth removed, (2 more had inlays during the same time 1993-94), and three mercury amalgam tattoos removed from the gums and jawbone, my health has drastically improved. All teeth removed showed various bacterial organisms. During all this time I continued my supplemental program from Dr. Yu (totally believe he saved my life). I thank GOD for his love and my life, Dr. Yu, Dr. Rehme, and my husband Jess, for taking me serious, not giving up on me and helping me through all the pain and infection. I thank Dr. Moreland for following and trusting recommendations by Dr. Rehme for the removals and being patient with all the requests asked of him. I thank Dr. Keller for sending me for a bone scan for additional proof of the infection and attempts to ease the pain I was experiencing through the past years, (your humor and genuine concern helped make my many visits more bearable). In December 2002, I will be going a Gallium test, as requested by Dr. Keller and Dr. Yu, to follow up on any remaining infections. Since the removal of the 10 teeth, I have now completed 3 cleanse programs, intestine-colon, and heavy metal cleanse and a parasite cleanse from the health food store. As of December 2002, my health has improved. I’m currently doing IV chelation therapy to further cleanse my system of mercury and other metals from my system. Improvements: Higher energy level, no bad breathe, digestion much better, no depression, headaches, fever, body joints and jaw pain are lessening. Food intolerances are not as severe, white cell count and liver function (blood test) are back to normal. I have a much better outlook for a healthier future…….Thank you and God Bless each of you.
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