44, White Female

I first came to you in March 2000 to have my amalgam fillings removed. Then, on May 30th we began the process. I had been suffering from cancer and was trying to rebuild my immune system in order to fight the disease. My doctor had suggested that I consider the procedure.

Though I have not had my immune system tested recently, I have noticed the following improvements in my health:

It has been approximately 5 months since the removal of my amalgam fillings. In that time period, I have noticed several changes in my health. Before the removal of the fillings, I had an almost constant metal taste in my mouth whenever I brushed or flossed my teeth. That is no longer the case. I now seldom have any hint of metal in my mouth.
Also, before the removal, I was experiencing ringing in the ears and jaw pain which caused tightening of my jaw muscles. Now, the ringing in my ears has subsided and my jaw pain is much improved.

I attribute these improvements to the fact that the fillings have been removed.

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