60, White Male
Thank you, Dr. Rehme, for helping me improve my health. When I first came to talk to you about removing my amalgam fillings, I had many problems. For years, O had been trying everything possible to regain my health, from acupuncture and chiropractic, to exercise and healthy eating habits. While all of these things helped, I still felt there was something missing. After reading about the dangers of mercury in amalgam fillings, I knew in my heart that that was the missing link. When I first saw you, I was underweight, extremely fatigued, foggy headed, chemically sensitive, and had many digestive problems including IBS. After the first quadrant was completed, my mouth felt much lighter in that area, but there was no health improvement. But, after the second quadrant, my appetite Improved dramatically and I gained 10 pounds in two weeks! Then, it leveled off and by the time the third quadrant was completed the same thing happened again with improved appetite but not as much weight gain. After the final quadrant was completed, there was no dramatic change. Instead I seemed to gradually improve in many ways. My mind became clearer and I could make plans for days in advance instead of walking around in a fog. I now have more energy and the digestive problems are much improved, especially the IBS. My blood pressure, which historically has been very low, has now become normal. I thought I was doomed to a miserable old age, but, thanks to you and your fine staff, I am regaining my health and starting new projects that I never thought possible before. Thanks again!
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