In a year as strange and challenging as 2020 has been, it can seem hard to find much to be thankful for – except, perhaps, that this wild year is finally nearing its end! And that we made it through all right. And that we had the strength and creativity and resilience to do so.

And that’s the thing about gratitude: Once you start to focus on what you have instead of what you lack, it gets easier to find even more to be thankful for.

As we head into Thanksgiving Day, here are 9 more quotes we love about what gratitude is and does, ideas that may inspire you or remind you of all the blessings each of us can count in our lives, even in difficult times.
David McKay quote
Randy Rausch quote
Emily Dickinson quote
Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote
Thich Nhat Hanh quote
JFK quote
William Arthur Ward quote
William Faulkner quote
Thornton Wilder quote
From Dr. Mike, Dr. Michael, and all of us here at Rehme Dental Care, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great start to the holiday season.


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