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by | Dec 14, 2022 | Biological Dentistry

Although there are still a few weeks of 2022 left to go, we’re already looking ahead to the new year. That’s when we’ll be taking our practice to the next level, adding pediatric dental care to the array of services we offer.

Ackeilia Heatrice, DDSIf you’ve ever searched for a biological dentist who treats young children, you know just how challenging that can be. That’s why we’re pleased to welcome Dr. Ackeilia Heatrice to our Rehme Dental Care team. You can rest assured that your children will get the same protections as our adult patients, with biocompatible mercury-free and fluoride-free dentistry.

A graduate of the dental college at Howard University, Dr. Heatrice has the knowledge and expertise to facilitate positive experiences for the children she treats, including children with special needs. You can learn more about her background here.

But as much as we’re looking forward, the end of the year is a time for reflection, too. So without further ado, let’s take a look back at the top 10 posts of 2022, which more than ever reflect the depth and complexity of the mouth/body relationship…

10. Not News: People Don’t Like the Thought of Root Canals
A recent survey on attitudes about root canals opened a discussion of the importance of informed consent, which includes educating patients on the potential systemic impacts of root canal treated teeth.

9. Gut Bacteria May Play a Role in Bone Loss in the Jaw, New Study Shows
Oral health and gut health are inseparable. In this post, we took a look at new research on one specific way in which gut flora may affect oral health.

8. A New Study on Fluoride Exposure & Kidney Function
Chronic fluoride exposure has a wide range of potential consequences. While studies on fluoride and IQ have drawn the lion’s share of attention through recent years, other studies have shone light on fluoride’s other effects on kids’ health.

7. Can Essential Oils Help with Gum Disease?
Over the years, many studies have shown that certain essential oils can be very effective in taming gum disease, including the one we highlighted in this post: tea tree oil.

6. Xylitol as a Possible Help in Dealing with the Risks of Pregnancy Gingivitis
Up to 75% of pregnant women experience gum disease, and that can affect baby’s health. It’s why keeping up with home hygiene and regular dental visits is an important part of prenatal care. Recent research suggests xylitol may lend some extra help.

5. How Dr. Mike Became a Biological Dentist (& Why That’s a Win for His Patients)
Biological dentistry takes years of extra study and training after dental school, and the path to it is different for every dentist. In this post, we shared Dr. Mike’s story of his journey and its impact on how he does dentistry.

4. Good News! Another Dental Supplier Quits Mercury
At the end of 2021, we learned that the world’s largest dental manufacturer, Dentsply Sirona, was no longer dealing in mercury amalgam. Early in 2022, we learned that their main competitor, Kerr, had also quit the amalgam biz.

3. Lyme Disease: Borrelia Burgdorferi & the Mouth
In this explainer post, Dr. Mike highlighted some key intersections between Lyme disease and oral health, cavitations in particular.

2. Is There a Relationship Between Vitamin D Levels & Teeth Grinding?
Vitamin D is crucial for strong, healthy teeth, helping you absorb calcium and phosphorus for tooth and bone remineralization. Emerging research suggested that low D levels may put your teeth at risk in another way: encouraging teeth grinding during sleep.

1. Dental Cavitations: The Mouth’s Hidden Infections
For this post, Dr. Mike offered a comprehensive overview of this oft-overlooked dental condition that can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being.

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