The Power of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Dental Surgery: An Update

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Dental Restorations

We regularly see the benefits of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) in our patients, but it’s always good to see new research confirming clinical results. 

The latest is a review in the current issue of JADA, for which 7 earlier randomized controlled trials were analyzed to see the effects of PRF on preserving the bony ridge that holds the tooth sockets. Since bone loss can follow tooth extractions or loss, we want tools and techniques that can help prevent it. 

PRF indeed appears to be just such a tool. 

The authors’ qualitative analysis showed that PRF may play a positive role in reducing postoperative pain and ridge dimension changes after tooth extraction.

“Given the potential value of PRF,” they added, “consideration should be given to PRF after tooth extraction.”

While we always want to help you preserve as much of your natural dentition as possible, there are times when extractions are warranted, such as in the case of infected root canal teeth or when the bone loss that comes with aggressive gum disease puts teeth at risk. When they are, PRF is a robust tool for more than just reducing bone loss. Research has shown that it can also decrease post-op pain and promote healing.

What makes it even better, as we noted before, is that PRF is inherently biocompatible. It’s made from a small sample of your own blood right here in our office. There are no synthetic products involved, no animal-derived compounds added. blood centrifuge

PRF aids healing because platelets are a natural source of growth factors. It also helps increase blood flow, which helps your body more effectively clear toxins while also stimulating the growth of healthy new tissue. This makes it an excellent tool for other types of surgeries, as well, including those for addressing cavitations.

The new JADA review is just another feather in the cap for PRF. (We were going to say it was “icing on the cake,” but we’re not going to encourage all that sugar!)

PRF Image from Beachton Denture Clinic

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