There’s Another Dr. Rehme in the House

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Biological Dentistry

While this year has brought a lot of challenges, it’s also brought something wonderful to our office: a second Dr. Rehme – namely, his son Michael, who recently completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Missouri – Kansas City!

Michael been part of the office since he was in high school (De Smet – go, Spartans!) and claims to have worked just about every role possible in the office. During this time, he was able to start learning firsthand from his father what it means to be a biological dentist. It was then onto Mizzou (go, Tigers!) to complete his bachelor’s degree in health science, with a minor in psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

While in dental school, Michael took part in the IAOMT’s student program and was the student liaison for the organization during his third and fourth years of dental school – a role he describes himself as having been “passionate about,” helping dental students discover the philosophy of biological dentistry.

To help our patients get to know Dr. Michael better, we decided to ask him a few questions…

What made you decide to go into dentistry?
I always knew that I wanted to go into the medical field, but I was not totally sure what I wanted to do. Eventually in high school, I started working summers at my dad’s office, and that got me thinking about dentistry. As I got older and became more involved in the practice, I began to realize dentistry was a field where I could have a positive impact on people’s lives, while also being able to have an artistic element. What finally convinced me was when I realized this practice was much more than “drill, fill, bill” and how we were truly helping people become healthier.

What was it like to be in dental school, being taught the conventional views on things like fluoride and amalgam while having this kind of experience in your background?
I really enjoyed dental school at UMKC and feel that they provided great training for being out in practice and how to provide great care to patients. As someone who came into school with a biologic background, I always had more questions about the “status quo” procedures that are still commonly taught. Most of what is taught focuses on how teeth function mechanically, which of course is important, but it’s just a fraction of what dentistry could be. I spent many nights talking with my dad about his beliefs and comparing them to what the dental school taught. Through these conversations and doing my own research, I concluded that dentistry needs to understand both the mechanical aspect of teeth and a biologic approach to providing proper care for their patients’ health and wellness.

What are you looking forward to in your first year of practicing dentistry?
I’m looking forward to learning more about dentistry and honing my craft. I am also excited to bring a fresh perspective on innovative procedures and bringing new techniques and ideas to the office.

What do you like most about the patients you’ve seen so far?
I enjoy meeting all the patients who come into our office. Listening to their needs and providing solutions to their dental issues makes me feel like I am contributing to a positive dental outcome.

Tell us a bit about your life outside the office that you’d like patients to know about you.
My fiancé Samantha and I are excited to move back to St. Louis and explore the city. We love the Blues and Mizzou athletics, going on hikes and finding hidden food and brewery gems! I love sports, being outdoors, playing guitar, and just hanging out with friends.

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