38, White Female
I am a registered nurse suffering from an autoimmune disorder. 10 years ago I developed a condition called vitiligo which destroys skin pigment. I was also experiencing fatigue, anemia, and quite severe skin itching. After many fruitless Dr. visits, mysterious lab results, and frustration on my part, I took it upon myself to research my condition. My inquiries led me to a lot of information about the connection between overall health and dental health. Further searching led me to the field of biologic dentistry and its various practitioners. I made the necessary appointments and travel arrangements as there were no holistic dentists near my home. I first had two root canals removed which turned out to be badly infected. Within a few weeks of doing that I noticed the itching in my skin had almost disappeared. My first extraction was 10 weeks ago and I just finished total mercury removal today. I am encouraged by the improvement I have already seen and am looking forward to seeing what continued progress I may be making in the future.
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