71, Female

I really would like to share with you how I came to feel so much better. I didn’t feel good, I would get very tired, I had a hard time climbing steps and walking. I did a series of tests and found out the heavy metals in my system came from the fillings and bridges in my mouth. I was referred to Dr.
Rehme for a consultation. Dr. Rehme proceeded to remove the top teeth first. Following the procedure, I was able to walk down 4 flights of steps. Dr. Rehme proceeded to remove my bottom metal bridges, which were leaking into my system. I have been walking great and am able to go up and down stairs. I really want you to know I feel ever so much better. I enjoy walking, work is so much easier and over all I am not as confused or tired. I also have been loosing weight. I have received many compliments that I look so much better and have color in my face.

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