Biological Dentistry Makes a Difference

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Biological Dentistry, Cavitations, Mercury / Dental Amalgam, Root Canals

There are plenty of reasons to choose a biological dentist for your and your family’s care. Here, Dr. Mike offers five important ones:
These critical differences between standard and biologic care have the power to change lives, as even a short journey through our library of success stories shows.

Our patients mean the world to us – not just because they’re patients but because we get to see them heal and grow and flourish as they take charge of their health. We’re honored to be a part of that.

Here’s just a small sample of patient stories we’ve received over the years…

Debbie, Age 39

A year ago I had overwhelming health concerns. I was exhausted every day of my life. Just getting up and getting ready for work, school, or whatever event was, to me, a major chore. That was doing the bare minimum. I had head to toe problems. There were headaches, and generalized muscle aches and pains. I had mental and visual fogginess, popping in my ears and choking/gagging sensations with meals. Did I mention a profound sense of fatigue?

Needless to say I was on antidepressants as well, to help with all these overwhelming, nagging, continuous, never-ending health concerns. And, believe it or not, I was doing better (a lot better) in that I had been treated by an environmental health doctor. A year into that, I noticed a flyer about Environmental Health Dentistry. Thank God for that, for it’s been one year since I had all my amalgam fillings out. All of my symptoms have resolved or greatly improved. I no longer take antidepressants. I have more energy and resolve than I’ve had in 10 – 15 years. For that I am grateful.

Even through all of this, my faith withstood. Even when I talked negative, to flush the bad stuff out, I thought positive. One thing I am positive about is that I have the amalgam fillings removed. I’m positive there is a direct connection in how I was feeling then and how I am feeling and living today. I know I am better from it.

Dave, Age 49

For about three years I had been suffering with severe joint and muscle pain. My energy level was very low and I was experiencing overall fatigue.

Dr. Rehme educated me about a root canal tooth that could be extracted and replace the area with a bridge. I was not in a hurry to have the tooth pulled. Two years prior I had this crown replaced by another dentist due to the fact that the porcelain had chipped off the original crown and the metal underneath was exposed.

I prayed and asked God to show me if I should have the tooth extracted and He did. My muscle pain increased to a “4”, my joint pain increased to a “5” and I was getting more and more fatigued. I wasn’t able to get more than three or four hours of sleep at night before waking up. I could hardly stretch or exercise because of the pain. I knew that I had to get the tooth removed.

In October I had the root canal tooth extracted. In only two weeks I started to notice that my energy level was going up, my joint pain was going away, and I was able to get more than three or four hours of sleep at night.

Six weeks after I had the tooth extracted, I had about 95% of my energy back, my muscle pain was gone, and my joint pain was less than a “1”. My fatigue is gone, and I am able to get seven or eight hours of sleep at night. A bonus to all this was that my pH levels have started coming up and I noticed that my hair is not falling out as much as it had been.

Cathy, Age 54

I want to let you know how I am doing after my cavitation surgery of my old wisdom teeth sites #17 & #32. I can truly say that things are definitely improving. I have no more leg pain and I am starting to have more energy than I did before. I have many people to be thankful to!

I had been having a lot of pain with my right leg; it went all the way down my right leg and I was thinking it was coming from my back, but boy, was I wrong. For the last 3 ½ years I also had been having trouble with my ileoceal valve and now I can say that it has improved tremendously. Before my surgery, I had been having trouble not being able to eat any type of carbohydrates without it causing severe pain down my right leg. In addition I had been experiencing tingling sensations in my lower lip, but never thought to tell anyone until I had my first visit to Dr. Moreland [an oral surgeon we refer to].

I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I also want to tell any other patients to not give up and give it time, even if their symptoms do not improve immediately. Never give up! I can’t thank you enough!

If you’re a patient but haven’t yet shared about your experience this way, we encourage you to do so – whether posted online or delivered directly to our office. Your story can help others know just what a difference biological dentistry can make.

And if you’re not yet a patient but in the Greater St. Louis Area – or even beyond, if you’re willing and able to travel – we hope you’ll become one and soon have a healing story of your own to share!

Meantime, you can read more patient success stories here.

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