61, White Male
My problems really became evident in October 2007. I went to the emergency room with symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and double vision. I thought I might be having a stroke so MRI, CAT scan, and blood work were done but they could find nothing wrong with me. One of the doctors examining me suggested I had signs of MS in my upper body. Since the doctors seem to think nothing was wrong with me they suggested taking an aspirin each day and forgot about it. In April 2008 I went to the emergency room again since the symptoms I was having (nausea, pains in my stomach, dizziness, prickly feeling running up my arm, dead feeling in fingers and toes, fatigue syndrome, trouble sleeping and not wanting to eat) concerned me. My blood pressure was high so they put me on blood pressure medicine. Since I was 60 years old my doctor seemed to think my pain was a sign of old age. I could not accept living with the way I was feeling. I remember being told I had signs of MS so I did a search on my computer concerning MS. It brought me to the Swank site, which shows people with MS are helped by eating a diet, which is low in saturated fat. I started following the diet but still did not get the relief I was looking for with my symptoms. Searching more on the Internet I began to understand that most of the degenerative diseases were being caused by toxins in our environment and I had to get these toxins out of my body. I located Tom McGuire, DDS website. He has a book explaining the vitamins and supplements needed to get the toxins out of your body. I purchased the book and started following the vitamin and supplement plan and within a week most of the symptoms had disappeared. I knew then all my problems were a result of toxins in my body. The dentist I had before my trip to the emergency room in October had put a bridge in my mouth. I had been having problems with inflammation in this area but that did not seem to concern him much. Do not know where the bridge came from but it is my understanding that many of these things are coming from China now. Tom McGuire’s website expresses the importance of getting a mercury free dentist who understands this problem and takes care of it using the proper procedures to protect your health. I had a total of nine root canals and an assortment of amalgams and Michael Rehme, DDS has taken care of this problem and I am happy with the results. I no longer have this poison in my mouth and have not had a sick day since July 2008. Previously I had made trips to doctor once a year with bronchitis and my doctor could not understand this since I am not a smoker. Also had made a couple visits to the emergency room for muscle spasms in my back but no longer experience this. I really feel I have made a wise choice in getting the bad teeth out of my mouth. Will continue to follow different methods of detoxification of my body. They are skin brushing, detoxification baths, Yoga and Tai Chi, vitamins and supplements and occasional juicing along with fasting. I also realize the diet is very important in fighting disease. Disease can only grow when the body is acidic so it is very important to keep your diet mainly fruits and vegetables so you can keep an alkaline body. I have lost 35 pounds an am no longer considered obese. Do not need the blood pressure medicine anymore. I would like to comment on the mercury problem. Mercury does not belong in the body. I had a urine test done to determine if I had too much mercury in my body. My test showed the mercury in my body was within the acceptable limits. The government has ser these limits and the dentist and doctors who make their living out of putting this poison in your mouth and giving you the drugs have influenced the government. They still see nothing wrong with the amalgam m fillings that are 50% mercury in your mouth. Yet when they remove this amalgam from your mouth it becomes hazardous waste and must be treated as such. How do they ever justify the amalgam as safe when it is in your mouth but hazardous when it comes out? Mercury is used in pesticides and kills other organisms. Mercury will kill you if you get too much of it. Before it kills you it will make you sicker than you have ever been. As far as I am concerned any mercury in the body is too much.
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