55, White Female
All I can say is thank you! Thank You! Thank You! To Dr. Rehme and his staff… for wonderful care and service to give me back great quality of life! The procedures I’ve had done are: mercury removal, teeth removed that had root canal procedures done to them, partials upper and lower, and teeth cleaning. Improvements in my health since having these procedures: Clarity and calmness of mind (including better concentration) My breathing is smoother and deeper (less stress in my chest area) Veins in my legs gone down My walking gate more even Salivate more and of course how wonderful it is to be able to chew my up my food! Teeth cleaning was even a good experience- got much good information not given at other facilities before Oh yes, and have had tinnitus for years- about 50% better already I am so grateful!!! God Bless You!
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